Commercial Window Tinting

Office and commercial window tinting
The Need for Commercial Window Tinting

Did you know that according to the Federation of Environmental Trade Associations (FETA) office workers can have their productivity fall as much as 50% while the accident rate will increase as much as 30% when those workers are forced to do their job in rooms where the temperature exceeds 24C/75F. Our commercial window tinting can help improve those figures for your business.

Excessive, sun-caused heat will cost your business money.

How our commercial window tinting Can Help
  • Protecting ‘that room’ which is always too hot to work in during the morning or the afternoon
  • Relieving the stress and cost of your air conditioning system
  • Removing sun glare from computer screens and employees’ eyes
  • Saving window displays from bleaching out from exposure to UV rays
  • Keeping work secure and employees’ lives private from prying outside eyes
  • Reduce wear and fading on office carpeting, furnishings, and brochures
The Ultimate Tinting Advantage

An installation of our superior commercial window tinting films on your business windows will not only provide all the advantages listed above, it is also maintenance free. No more opening, closing, cleaning or replacing worn or tatty looking blinds.

Should an accident, attempted burglary or explosion break your window glass, because our commercial window tinting film is bonded directly to the glass they will assist in keeping shattered glass together. This can save your employees’ eyes from injury and prevents dangerous shards that can lurk in the carpeting for months.

Our commercial window tinting films meet the most stringent Government and consumer comparison standards for CPD, EN12600, EN356, BS AU 209, Part 4A, BS6206 and GSA criteria. If your current window glass does not have a regulatory compliant British Standard Kite Mark, our Safety Film will raise your current glass standard to British Standard BS6206 Class A or B. The benefit? This is a fraction of the price of replacing the glass!

Further Benefits
  • Our commercial window tinting films reduce glare and reflection anywhere from 20-80% depending on the darkness you choose. This prevents eye tiredness and improves productivity.
  • Tinted glass can achieve up to a 78% heat reduction compared to untreated glass. Eliminate hot-spots and keep all your business rooms running efficiently all day, every month of the year.
  • By blocking up to 99% of the sun’s UV rays, your business carpeting, furniture and wall artwork will be protected from unsightly fading or a blotchy appearance. You want your place of business to present a proper professional appearance for both staff pride and customer approval.
Not Just Office Windows

Do not assume that our commercial window tinting  is only a preferred solution for office or display windows. Consider as well sliding doors, skylights or glass roofs. All of these can have enhanced values if protected by an Ultimate Tinting solution.

Your Installation

An Ultimate Tinting solution comes with our top class, unrivalled 5 Star Money-Back Guarantee that includes a 10 year warranty on materials and labour. We can arrange for one of our fully trained professionals to visit your workplace and make a no-obligation free estimate. We can even do that or the actual installation during off-peak or after business hours for minimum business disruption.

Call us today on 07591 050512 or use our Contact Form to send us any questions or to arrange a time for an appointment. We look forward to making your business even better.