Vehicle Window Tinting

Vehicle window tinting regulations

By Law we cannot tint the windscreen, and we will not tint anything darker than 70% on the front side windows. If you have any questions regarding the legalities regarding vehicle window tinting, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

The current regulations can be viewed on the NIDirect Website

Practical advantages of vehicle window tinting

Ultimate Tinting uses a multi-layered film in the majority of our car installations. Our customers choose window tinting for important, practical reasons. It’s not just about looking cool!

  • Heat Reduction: You know all about the pain of sitting on a hot car seat while wearing shorts. Tinting will achieve a heat reduction of up to 60% as compared to untreated glass.
  • Protect Your Skin: Our films block 99% of the sun’s UV rays. While by law there are restrictions as to what tinting we can do on your car’s front or front side windows (see note regarding Vehicle Window tinting laws at the bottom of this web page) your children and pets can be protected where they sit in the back seats. There they will be protected from excess heat, from glare, and most importantly from deadly skin cancers.
  • Protect interior Appearance: Blocking 99% of UV rays with our vehicle window tinting will help to preserve your car’s appearance, aiding its re-sale or trade-in value. Faded upholstery, cracked vinyl or wood accents bleached out by the sun make for an unappealing interior. Also, tinting assists in protecting your valuable audio and other electronic equipment and gadgets.
  • Driver Safety: The sun glaring in through the side windows or where a sun strip can be placed increases eye fatigue. Besides tiredness over a long drive, a sudden flash of sun through unprotected glass can cause disorientation, flinching, or even momentary blindness. This can be lethal, especially in the months of the year where the sun lurks low on the horizon.
  • Theft Protection: Insurance professionals will all attest that the majority of thieves will choose the easiest target first. A thief lurking through a parking lot will glance in to parked cars, looking for electronics, or your shopping to steal. Making it just that little bit more difficult for a thief to glance in will protect your car and its contents.
Automotive Tinting: Facts and Benefits
  • Guarantees: All our vehicle window tinting installations receive our 5 Star Guarantee. That means your tint is guaranteed against flaking or delaminating not just for one year, five years or ten years. Our work is guaranteed for as long as you own your vehicle.
  • Scratch Resistance: Inferior films can become easily scratched. The vehicle window tinting films that we at Ultimate Tinting use are bonded directly to the glass, forming a shield that will not scratch unless you choose to hack at with a knife or scissors. Your life is your own, but we don’t think that is very likely.
  • Legal Restrictions: By law, Ultimate Tinting cannot tint the windscreen/front window. As well, we cannot tint the front side windows darker than 70%. You can see the relevant laws here on the NIDirect Website.
  • What Can be Tinted: All other windows besides those mentioned above can be tinted as dark as you like. You can even have complete privacy in the rear seats and cargo areas of your estate car or van by blacking out their windows 100%.
  • Removal: If on the prospective sale of your car or for any other reason you wish to have the tinting removed, Ultimate Tinting can do that, efficiently, totally and quickly.
  • Dot Matrix and Dust: Because of the dot matrix effect used on several modern car windows, your tint may sit out slightly from the surface. This does not adversely affect either protection or durability. We also do not normally do roadside or driveway installations. We prefer to do all we can to avoid minute dust particles ruining the appearance of your newly tinted windows.

The Guarantee

Because we are proud professionals at Ultimate Tinting we back all our work and products with our 5 Star Money-Back Guarantee. That includes protection against flaking and delaminating for as long as you own your car, truck or van and a lifetime warranty on materials and labour.

What Do I Do Now?

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