How Tinting Your Office Windows Saves You Money

We understand. With all the pressure there is on you to keep your business operating and profitable you want to cut costs to the bone. No business wants to spend money on anything that won’t make money. You need proof that tinting your office or business windows is an investment, not a cost. We can do that. Let’s look at the issue from three perspectives: your employees, your energy costs and your business interior.


The first major problem that emerges from un-tinted windows is heat. Depending which direction your business faces there is probably a room in it that is hot in the morning or hot in the afternoon. Just to take a guess, that’s probably not the room you use for your personal office. When it is hot, we work slower, we feel tired, we make mistakes. When a workspace is warmer than 24C/75F productivity can slip by as much as 50%, so effectively you’re paying staff an hour’s wage for half an hour’s work. As well, because employees are feeling tired, accident rates can rise up to 30%. Ask yourself: When do you bump into furniture or drop and break things? Is it more likely to happen when you’re well-rested an alert, or late at night after a long day? The simple solution is tinting that can reduce heat and hot-spots.


Because your business is in Northern Ireland, you’re well aware of the high cost of electricity. As much as you’re careful about turning off unnecessary lights, using energy-efficient office equipment and turning off unused computers, there is still that air conditioner whirring away on a hot day. You may even be paying to refrigerate your entire business or office when it is just one workspace or another that needs cooling at certain times of the day. Plus, where is your thermostat located? Is it switching on or off efficiently depending on need or depending on the sun’s heat landing on its sensors? Tinting is a one-time, one-cost solution that will protect you against rising energy costs.

Business Interior:

Think about the last time you walked down the high street and looked in a shop window at a faded display, worn out carpet, mannequins that looked like they were modeled after cirrhosis patients. What sort of impression did that give you? It wasn’t very good now was it?

The sun’s UV rays will deteriorate the appearance of your window displays, your carpets, your curtains, even your chairs and desks. You need to present your business’ best face to your customers because that is who your money comes from.

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